To apply NMR to Metabolomics research one must analyze many samples containing possibly hundreds of compounds with a wide dynamic range. Our facility has suitable hardware for automation, high sensitivity and stability, and can match international standards for metabolomic NMR data.

The Bruker Avance III 600MHz andNeo 800MHz are equipped with SampleJet auto samplers that can handle 5 x 96 tube cassettes of 1.7 mm (600 and 800) and 3mm or 5mm (600) tubes. The 800 in particular is a very high mass sensitive probe, and can detect as little as 0.2 nanomoles in 35uL volume.

The laboratory of Prof. Arthur Edison specializes in applications of NMR and Mass Spectrometric to metabolomics, and can consult in planning studies, preparing samples and analyzing data. Collaborations should be addressed directly to Dr. Edison.

A Matlab(TM) toolbox for data analysis is available and continues to be developed and improved (metabolomics_toolbox)

Complete workflows for metabolomics data collection, processing and analysis are being developed as part of the Network for Advanced NMR ( NAN)  and will be available to the community in the near future.