Bruker Neo 600 MHz

This shielded 600 is equipped for both solution and solids – two probes are switched according to demand:

A three channel (H,C,N), 4mm rotor CMP-HRMAS probe can detect different phases (liquid, gel, solid) in a heterogeneous mixture such as whole cells or cell wall preparations. Developed by Andre Simpson and Bruker, it extends the traditional HRMAS functionality to include CPMAS up to 14 kHz spinning speed.
Carbon S/N: glycine 460, ASTM 81
Proton S/N: Adamantane 7610 , Etbz 200

An alternate probe, the 5mm DCH 13C observe cryoprobe, provides very high sensitivity carbon signals.
Carbon S/N: ASTM 3400.
Proton S/N: EtBz 3650

ID: carbon600 Cost: Academic $10/hr. Commercial $45/hr