600 MHz Bruker Avance Neo

The Carbon 600 is a three-channel Bruker Avance Neo spectrometer operating at 599.98 MHz using an Oxford Actively Shielded magnet that can acquire either liquids or solids experiments.   In liquids mode a SampleCase 24 position automated sample handler is used for loading samples.  Three probes are switched according to demand. The instrument listing on the reservations system will state which probe is currently installed.  The system runs Bruker TopSpin software version 4.1.4.

BBO 5mm broad band and fluorine on the inner coil with proton on the outer coil capable of both routine proton, fluorine and broadband detection, as well as proton/fluorine double resonance.

Proton S/N: Ethyl Benzene 0.1% in CDCl3 885.5:1
Carbon S/N: ASTM 40% p-dioxane in C6D6 252.0:1 Ethyl Benzene 10% in CDCl3 272.8:1
Fluorine: 0.05% trifluorotoluene 668.8:1
Phosphorus: 0.05 M triphenylphosphate 378.2:1

CMP-MAS HCND 4 mm rotor gradient probe for detection of inhomogeneous and semi-solid (liquid, gel, solid) samples such as whole cells or cell wall preparations. Developed by Andre Simpson and Bruker, it extends the traditional HRMAS functionality to include CPMAS up to 14 kHz spinning speed.

Proton S/N: Adamantane 7610:1  Ethyl Benzene 0.1% in CDCl3 200:1
Carbon S/N: glycine 460:1  ASTM p-dioxane in C6D6 81:1

DCH cryoprobe 5mm with carbon on the inner coil and proton on the outer coil provides very high carbon sensitivity.

Proton S/N: Ethyl Benzene 0.1% in CDCl3 3650:1
Carbon S/N: ASTM p-dioxane in C6D6 3400:1

Schedule ID: carbon600
Cost: Academic $10/hr. Commercial $45/hr