Proteins, Glycoproteins and Structural Biology

Structural Biology

Our spectrometers at 600, 800 and 900MHz are equipped with cryoprobes that can perform the complete range of triple resonance experiments, multi-dimensional NOESY experiments, and other modern pulse programs. In addition, we have specialized probes such as a small volume cryoprobe (800 1.7mm, 35uL) which is ideal for screening and ligand binding studies, and carbon/nitrogen optimized (600 and 900 5mm) models which can be applied to larger systems when direct carbon or nitrogen detected versions of multidimensional sequences become more efficient.

Researchers at the CCRC can help at all stages of bio-molecular NMR projects, including discussions of isotope labeling strategies, screening for suitable solution conditions to obtain well-behaved samples, and selecting experiments necessary to determine full structures, analyze molecular dynamics or study ligand binding. The Prestegard lab is developing strategies to analyze sparsely labeled proteins and glycoproteins when complete isotopic labeling is not practical. Other laboratories in the CCRC can provide consultation or collaborations for protein production and structural or dynamic computations.