Bruker NEO 800 MHz 1.7mm TCI cryoprobe

The 1.7mm cryoprobe uses samples with 30-40uL  volume and so achieves excellent mass sensitivity. The addition of the SampleJet automatic sample handling makes this spectrometer ideal for metabolomics, protein screening, or other evaluations of multiple samples with limited material. Experiments such as ligand binding titrations or determination of protein buffer conditions use minimal amounts (e.g. 100uM 15N-HSQC of 15kD protein in 30 minutes). It is also capable of providing the whole range of triple resonance data for isotopically labeled proteins at sub-millimolar concentrations.

4-channel Neo console on an Oxford 800 MHz 63mm bore pumped magnet.
1.7mm TCI H{CN} cryoprobe
SampleJet automatic sample changer (cooled rack, 5×96 tube cassette)

Proton S/N: sucrose 390   EtBz 1570

Scheduling ID: br800   Cost:   Academic $12/hr.   Commercial $90/hr