Metabolomics Workshop

2024 NAN Virtual NMR Metabolomics Workshop

Dates: July 15-19

Intended audience: Students, postdocs, staff, and faculty who are interested in NMR-based metabolomics. Topics will include advanced NMR and computational methods, but no prior NMR or computational experience is necessary.

Requires: free NMRbox account, working computer with internet

Cost: Free!

Bonus: The first 25 registrants will have an opportunity to receive 8 hours of free experimental NMR time in the UGA CCRC NMR facility. This time must be redeemed by Dec 31, 2024, and you must attend and participate in the scheduled sessions.


The NSF-funded Network for Advanced NMR (NAN) and the University of Georgia Complex Carbohydrate Research Center NMR Facility will be holding a one-week virtual workshop (July 15-19, 2024) focused on learning new methods of extracting useful information from NMR metabolomics data.  Attendees are encouraged to join in real-time, but videos will be posted shortly after each day for review. A preliminary schedule is provided here. In addition to an overview of NAN and NMR metabolomics, instruction and hands-on practice will be provided in three specific areas, each of which provides remarkably “clean” NMR data from mixtures that can then be used in downstream analysis.

1) The use of a new time-domain NMR analysis method: SAND (Spectral Automated NMR Decomposition). SAND deconvolutes overlapping NMR peaks and in the process automates peak picking. SAND also is a form of data reduction by creating a tabular format with a size equal to the number of peaks in a spectrum. We will demonstrate the theory behind SAND and will show participants how to SAND their own data on NMRbox.

2) Chromatographic separation of complex metabolomics samples.  Practitioners of NMR metabolomics often emphasize the lack of sample preparation needed for results, but we are discovering many advantages to fractionating samples for deeper and more confident annotation. Fractionated samples can also be used for functional testing.

3) The use of 13C NMR for metabolomics. Almost all NMR metabolomics uses 1H detection as it is much more sensitive than 13C detection. However, there are several unique benefits of using 13C NMR for metabolomics if you have access to the right NMR instrument.  The UGA NAN facility has several options for high-sensitivity 13C NMR and workshop participants will be introduced to different applications, both using 13C enrichment and at natural abundance. Participants will have an opportunity to operate one or more UGA NAN NMR instruments to learn how to collect their own data.

The workshop is free to registered participants. The first 25 registrants who complete the workshop are eligible to receive up to 8 hours of CCRC NMR time to run their own research samples. This free NMR time must be used before the end of 2024.

Please use the following link to register. The deadline for registration is Friday, July 12, 2024.