All scheduled spectrometer time is charged. Additional staff time may be charged*.


Spectrometer Name Probe Academic Corp.
Bruker Neo 900 br900 5mm CN{H} cryo $14 hr-1 $110 hr-1
Bruker Neo 800 br800 1.7mm H{CN} cryo $12 hr-1 $90 hr-1
Bruker Neo 600 carbon600 5mm C{H} cryo / CMP-HRMAS $10 hr-1 $45 hr-1
Bruker Avance III 600 br600 5mm H{CN} cryo $10 hr-1 $45 hr-1
Bruker Neo 600 az600 5mm H{CN} cryo $10 hr-1 $45 hr-1


*Rates are for scheduled spectrometer time only.

Staff assistance incurs a $75 service fee per time slot used and is defined as anything that requires more than 10 minutes of a staff member’s time.  Examples of assistance would include sample setup, instrument setup, experiment optimization, automation setup and software modification all related to a user’s data acquisition.  If more time is needed it is billed at $75 hr-1 (academic) and $150 hr-1 (corporate).