• Bruker NEO 900 MHz with 5mm TCI CN{H} cryoprobe
  • Bruker NEO 800 MHz with 1.7mm TXI H{CN} cryoprobe and SampleJet
  • Bruker NEO 600 MHz with 5mm C{H} carbon cryoprobe and SampleCase (24)
    • Alternate probe: Comprehensive Multi-phase (CMP) HRMAS CN{H}
  • Bruker Avance III 600 MHz with 5mm TXI H{CN} cryoprobe and SampleJet
  • Varian DD 600 MHz with 5mm HCN coldprobe and 12 sample carousel
  • Varian/Agilent DD 600 MHz with 3mm HX probe
  • Varian Inova wide-bore 500 with 5mm HCN probe
  • Varian Mercury 300 MHz with 5mm Broadband probe

In addition, an Oxford Hypersense dissolution DNP instrument is coupled with the Bruker 600MHz carbon cryoprobe.