Bruker NEO with Oxford 900 MHz

The 900 is equipped for studying large proteins and glycoproteins using conventional proton-detected experiments as well as carbon and nitrogen detected versions. It is also excellent for carbon and proton detection of complex oligosaccharides and polysaccharides.

4-channel NEO console (multi-receiver capability).
CN{H} TXO cryoprobe designed for detection of 13C and 15N.
Proton sensitivity is about 2/3 that of standard TXI H{CN} probe, but has good salt tolerance. Temperature range -20C to 80C.

Proton S/N: Sucrose 1000. EtBz 6000
Carbon S/N: ASTM 3500
Nitrogen S/N: Formamide 500

ID: br900   Cost: Academic $16 prime/$8 off-prime per hour.   Commercial $83/hr