This NMR facility located in the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center, University of Georgia , houses eight NMR spectrometers and a diverse collection of probes and hardware suitable for a wide range of biomolecular and chemical NMR. New hardware includes a 1.7mm cryoprobe at 800MHz, a 5mm TXO C13 and N15 optimized cryoprobe at 900MHz, a comprehensive multi-phase (CMP) HRMAS probe at 600MHz, and an Oxford Hypersense dissolution DNP system. We have a variety of automated sample handling capabilities and are equipped for remote access.

The facility was initially developed by  Emeritus Professor James Prestegard who continues with a research program focused on new NMR methods to analyze structures of large mammalian glycoproteins and carbohydrate binding proteins using sparse isotope labeling strategies (Prestegard Lab page).

The current director is Professor Arthur Edison, who has extended the research programs and in-house expertise to include metabolomics and other organism based NMR applications (Edison Lab page), as well as added significant new hardware to the facility.

In addition to these research groups and the analytical services laboratory, many other CCRC and UGA researchers use the facility. Please inquire for assistance in finding appropriate collaborators and experienced NMR users.